The processing of metal products can be different, including the application of patterns with paint or special chemicals. But the methods with the use of active reactions, when the structure of the surface layer changes, differ in the maximum reliability in terms of the duration of preserving the result. Chemical etching of metal products implies the use of various acids. Various materials can be effectively etched in a solution of sulfuric acid.

Metal etching is used both in industrial and at home. With the help of etching work, one can mark the same type of elements of the set, put a name or logo on the tool, make an inscription on a gift, etc.

Any metal objects can be used as a tool of etching: a hammer, an etching needle, a set of sockets, an etching knife, DC power supply 12 V, nail polish and acetone, scissors and a marker, etc. Since the process deals with “chemistry”, protective glasses, gloves and a fan should be used.

Often with the help of etching, drawings are created on the glass. For this purpose, the vapors that hydrofluoric acid releases are used. At the same time, they protect places that do not need to be treated with wax or paraffin.