Polyurethane is a material that makes it possible to obtain a wide variety of products, since proven technologies and modern equipment are used. For example, polyurethane sheet is suitable for protecting tanks, minimizing wear, manufacturing various products: seals, coatings, wheels, rollers and so on. Polyurethane significantly exceeds rubber in terms of performance, including the level of wear. Such a material does not age and can resist solvents or acids.

Why should you choose polyurethane products?

Experts prefer polyurethane bushings, because of their advantageous characteristics. The material has been tested for a long time and so far has no significant competitors.

car brakes

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Main components include as follows:

  • diols;
  • polyols;
  • diisocyanates.

The combination allows to obtain the stability of the compounds, the necessary elasticity, while there is no reaction with the external environment or temperature changes. Fats, alkalis, acids, and oils are normally tolerated. In addition, polyurethane products do not deteriorate from the action of bacteria, fungi, archaea, and ultraviolet rays. Oxidation does not occur in the case of ozone exposure, so the validity period is significant.

Positive features and physical qualities

It is possible to provide unique products, including additional qualities, geometry changes.

Benefits include:

  • relatively low specific gravity;
  • after the pressure stops, the original shape returns;
  • products do not pass electric current;
  • when creating a film, it will not allow air to pass through;
  • high wear resistance rates;
  • ability to adjust the transparency level of elements;
  • thermal conductivity depends on the hardness, the standard coefficient values are from 0.19 to 0.25;
  • in the case of cooling or heating, the strength and other indicators remain at the same level.
car suspension with bushings

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Polyurethane bushings and other types of products are manufactured within the agreed time frame and delivered to the customer within the agreed time frame.