Wouldn’t you agree that the metal products (knives, blades, amulets) look much more beautiful if they are decorated with patterns, ornaments. But how to apply a pattern on a metal surface? By the use of engraving? You can also use this method, but there are several more. One of them is called – artistic electrochemical etching of metal.

For the first time, medieval gunsmiths began to develop an etching art. The etching method can produce decoratively complex relief drawings when working with artistic metals. Some samples made in the etching technique are real works of art. Artistic etching of metal gives the products sophistication, artistic value and expressiveness. It is used in combination with other techniques of working on metals: engraving, matting, notching. To apply a pattern on metal, you can use a lot of different methods that work according to the same mechanism: areas that are not exposed to etching are protected from the effects of an aggressive environment or electrolyte.

In all its beauty and artistic expressiveness, the etching technique is manifested in the presence of a significant surface on the product. Thus, this technique is most often used in the decoration of small sculptures, lamps, decorative panels and cutlery.