Shades are often used in restaurants, cafes, catering establishments, as they favorably highlight the facade of the building. Commercial shade performs the function of effective, modern advertising. And window openings of cafes, restaurants, shops serve as a showcase, which allows you to interest and lure customers to your business.

Shades are often used in restaurants

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Therefore, entrepreneurs strive to make their business look as bright and original as possible and use shade designs for this. Since such shades save visitors from the hot sun and overheating of shop windows, it makes it possible not to use air conditioners that do not decorate buildings and premises with their boxes in any way. Thus, it is also possible to reduce energy costs.

When the air conditioner is running, the air dries up and it is more difficult for visitors to breathe. When installing shades, the indoor environment will be comfortable and natural, as it ensures a stable temperature of the mode. In such conditions, flower salons are also in great need of such shades, where it is mandatory to maintain the temperature at a certain level.

The frame of shades is made by injection molding from extruded aluminum using new technologies, which gives high strength, wear resistance of metal parts. The decorative coating is a powder coating with good protection from dirt and dust. Select either a standard coating colour or an individual option.

metal parts

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Shades are a solution to the problem, if for some reason it is impossible to glaze the right room. The installation of structures is carried out once. Shades are folded when not in use.

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