The nighttab extension has been designed to be minimalistic. It has a dark color scheme and pre-configured bookmark tiles. There are also customizable elements that allow you to change the layout and style. It includes an additional Search bar, Time and date information, and customizable settings. This add-on is a great addition to your browser.

nighttab extension

Customize the layout, style, background and bookmarks

If you’re not satisfied with the default new tab page, nightTab is a great option. It’s minimalist and dark in colour, with pre-configured bookmark tiles and a customizable layout. NightTab features three ways to customize the new tab page: layout, style, and background.

NightTab themes and style allows users to customize the tiles, speed dial, and bookmarks. They can choose the style, size, and opacity of each element. Additionally, NightTab allows users to use a custom image for the background of the browser tab. This way, users can customize the look and feel of their browser. They can also change the color and opacity of the theme.

Backup your configuration to a local file

The nighttab chrome extension is a useful tool that adds a beautiful theme to your browser. It lets you customize the new tab page, the search bar, and bookmarks. You can also customize the layout and font of the new tabs. The extension also allows you to back up your configuration to a local file. This extension doesn’t collect any personal information from you, so you can use it with total confidence.

This extension is also useful if you want to mask your IP address or position. Since it only runs on Chrome, you can’t use it on other browsers. If you’re using Firefox, you can use the extension to open the Gmail box. If you don’t like the default icon, you can replace it with a custom image.

Search bar

The Search bar in the NightTab chrome extension allows you to search bookmarks, Google, and more. The extension displays the date and clock on the search bar. It also allows you to manage your speed dials. To manage them, simply click on the Edit button next to the search box. You can create new bookmarks or groups of speed dials, and reorder them with the three-line icon.

The extension also allows you to change the new tab page to reflect your own preferences. You can change the background color, font, and theme. You can also add a custom image to your speed dial and tile. In addition, you can use a cool font for bookmark names.

Time and date information

The Nighttab chrome extension provides time and date information and customizes your new tab page. It allows you to set your preferred layout and theme, and has a search bar for quick and easy browsing. It also provides a bookmarks manager and allows you to backup your settings. The extension does not collect any personal information, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

You can customize the look of the extension by deleting the speed dial from your toolbar and adding a custom image. You can also change the font used for naming your bookmarks. NightTab comes with a variety of icons, including those from Font-Awesome. You can also paste a URL to a custom image to be displayed as a tile.

Bookmark tiles

The Nighttab Chrome extension adds bookmark tiles to your browser, and you can customize them to fit your personal preferences. You can change the color scheme, layout, and style. The extension also allows you to choose a custom image for your bookmark tile. The bookmark names are also customisable with a custom font.

NightTab Chrome extension features a neutral new tab page, and allows you to customize the theme and layout of your bookmarks. It also has a search bar and provides you with a bookmark tile collection. Besides customization, the extension features a backup/restore function, and does not collect your personal data.